Todorhaus German Shepherds has been using Colette Livingston as a handler for many years. Looking back through show pictures we have many showing her with our dogs when she was a young girl of 13, a sparky teenager, and now as a professional handler.

What has always impressed me about Colette is, first her concern for the dogs, and second her presentation of them. She makes sure they are healthy, happy, and enjoy the show situations. I have traveled with her on occasion and know for a fact that she is up at the crack of dawn and is still taking care of them late into the night. It usually takes me days to recover from a weekend of trying to keep up with her. My dogs are always presented in Colette's poised-professional manner, they are clean and well groomed, and are always shown at their best.

Her boarding facilities are also impressive. I have been to her kennel and have seen how clean it is. The dogs have large runs with plenty of fresh air and sunshine. I jokingly tell people that my dogs are going to Camp Livingston for some fun and relaxation.

There is one aspect of sending your dogs with Colette that a person may not like. The dogs tend to WORSHIP Colette, and those of you that think your dog could not love or live without you may be in for a rude awakening. My personal feeling is if the dogs love her that much something must be right.

Last but not least is the cost of showing. Colette keeps the cost reasonable and the billing is done on a timely basis. She is very professional in her book keeping, giving you a detailed expense report for the month.

I have recommended her to other dog people, they have used her and have been very satisfied with her care of their dogs and the professional manner in which they were treated.

Sharon Todoroff
Todorhaus German Shepherds



Caledonia Mastiffs has campaigned several top mastiffs.  This is not an accident, we only hire the best. I have used Colette Livingston on occasion to finish several of our young mastiffs. We do not allow our dogs to just go off with any handler.  Colette has impressed me with the way our dogs have been conditioned and trained before she even takes them into the ring for the first time.

When I first approached her about showing one of our dogs, we talked about the dog.  She did not waste time telling me about the winning she did in the past or the dogs she was currently showing.  Her only concern was the dog I had in front of her.  I was pleasantly surprised.

Her boarding facility is first rate and the dogs are never crated during the week.  They have had no problems when I request certain dogs have special diets.  I have no complaints and highly recommend Colette Livingston to anyone seriously interested in hiring a professional handler.

Susie Farber
Caledonia Mastiffs


Our babies are most special members of our family.  We are very concerned about how they are treated and loved.   We would have never thought about sending one of our dogs out with a handler; that is, until we met Colette. Colette loves her charges and it is very obvious when you see her interact with them.   It is even more obvious when you see how the dogs react to Colette.  When our dogs see her, they get very excited and can't hold back jumping on her to love her.  When we leave her, our dog acts as if he is leaving one of us! What better testimony is there for how Colette treats the dogs and how they feel about her?  We trust Colette implicitly with our boy, and have no misgivings about leaving him with her.

Sherri Farmer & Donna Todd
Spirits Golden Retrievers